Interior of a refreshed Tesla Model S photographed – for the first time with the steering rectangle

With the announcement of its business figures for 2020, Tesla presented the previously eagerly awaited refreshment of its Model S and Model X premium electric cars – or actually they did it themselves in the form of new pictures and texts on the order website. CEO Elon Musk was content with that to praise the revision in the subsequent telephone conference and to tell a little bit about the omitted levers for indicators and speed step selection in the cockpit on Twitter. On the other hand, he said nothing about the angular instead of round steering, which is probably the most spectacular Tesla innovation, and a conventional steering wheel could be seen in public in the first prototypes of the new Model S. At the weekend, however, the first free pictures of a refresh Tesla with the rectangle called a yoke appeared.

Tesla Model S with diagnostic cable

They came again from the YouTube channel The Kilowatts, which had photographed what was probably the first refreshed Model S on a street near the Tesla plant in Fremont before the launch. Without further details, he published several inside pictures from a blue Tesla Model S via his Twitter account. Like other refresh models that have been seen so far, it is apparently still being tested – the free end of a diagnostic cable is on the center console. But unlike the previous sightings of the new Model S, the steering yoke can be clearly seen in this one.

According to Tesla boss Musk, the first deliveries of refreshed Model S should be made in February and an information event about it. Neither has so far, so there has been speculation since the presentation at the end of January. From the USA it was said about the steering rectangle in Model S and Model X that its approval has not yet been clarified. In Europe, on the other hand, according to research by, it seems to be unproblematic, but the new Teslas should not come there until this fall.

The flat yoke looks chic in any case, and it allows a clear view of the speedometer display in the dashboard behind it. Whether it is permissible in the USA (possibly only in some states) and how practical it is, however, remains to be seen. Tesla’s steering rectangle caused mixed reactions as soon as it was introduced. Above all, it is criticized that the missing upper edge makes it difficult to turn quickly during emergency maneuvers. On the other hand, some owners of older Teslas wanted to know one thing above all else: whether the yoke will also be available as a retrofit for their electric cars.

Two layers for Model S and Model X

@Klwtts’ yoke shots were probably taken on or on the premises of the Tesla factory in Fremont, where he also photographed what was probably the first refreshed Tesla Model X in the wild. According to him and other observers, production there started again at the beginning of last week after a break due to a lack of parts. CEO Musk wrote that the demand for Model S and Model X was high and that Tesla would soon be producing them again in two shifts.


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