Internal letter: This is how the VW Group tightened the corona measures

VW brand boss Ralf Brandstätter in the Zwickau plant. Photo: VW

The Wolfsburg-based VW Group is taking drastic measures in the corona pandemic to protect its employees from infection SARSImprove CoV-2. This is evidenced by a current circular with the heading “Strengthening of the corona protective measures in the course of the nationwide lock-down”. The VW internal “Personal Telegram” is available to

“Employees who can work mobile, whose activity is therefore suitable for mobile work and whose presence in the company in the sense of business essential is not absolutely necessary, will initially work from home until 02.28.2021”, it says in the letter .

English is the international official language of the world market leader VW. The globally used classification “business essential” means that the measure in question is “essential”, that is, mandatory and indispensable for the continuation of business operations.

This decree means an enormous amount of work for members of the VW management: “If employees cannot use mobile work for compelling operational reasons, this is documented by the manager and stored in the manager’s folder.” It also says: There are compelling operational reasons, if certain work activities in the operational process require that employees have to perform their work on site in the company on an occasional or permanent basis in order to be able to maintain the operational process and be classified as ‘business essential’. “

In order to get all employees up to the executives to understand the drastic regulations, VW places the new order in the political process: “Parallel to the tightened nationwide lock-down, which is expected from January 25, 2021 in most federal states begins and has been extended until February 14th, as well as after the new Corona Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance comes into force, which is expected to come into force on January 27, 2021, Volkswagen AG is also strengthening and extending the Corona protective measures again. “

There is good news for the VW employees in the factories: “Fortunately, the incidence values ​​of the factories are still well below the level in the surrounding regions,” says the “Personal Telegram”. “This shows that the protective measures are working and that you are behaving very responsibly.”

Volkswagen is generally working in what is known as phase 3 of the restart. The maximum use of mobile work remains “a decisive instrument for reducing the number of contact options”, so the urgent warning. And: “In order to continue to guarantee the protection of colleagues and to ensure the continuation of operations, it is necessary to maintain the protective measures and the very responsible behavior with a high degree of discipline.”


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