Internal memo: fully automated Tesla still a long way away | Financial

In January, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he was “very confident” that his company will have a car this year that can drive and steer without any human help. He reported this in an explanation of the quarterly figures of the developer of electric cars. Musk also gave high on Twitter about a test version of the technology that should make this possible.

“Elon’s tweet does not correspond to reality, according to CJ. Tesla is currently at level 2,” said documents requested through the American counterpart of the Government Information (Public Access) Act. The memo refers to CJ Moore, head of software development for self-driving cars at Tesla, who provided this information in a meeting with the traffic authorities.

Level 2 stands for automated driving where people still have control over a car, which can steer and accelerate or brake independently. Full automation would only be achieved at level 5.

“Tesla indicated that Elon extrapolated the pace of innovation when talking about level 5 capabilities. Tesla could not indicate whether it would reach level 5 by the end of this calendar year,” said the memo requested by campaign group PlainSite.

California authorities are currently investigating a collision between a Tesla and a toppled truck on Wednesday. It’s not clear whether the Tesla’s autopilot function was on in that fatal accident. In a fatal accident with a Tesla in Texas, that function was almost certainly on, according to the traffic police, but Musk contradicts that.


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