Internet Explorer 11 is dead: Japan falters

Internet Explorer 11 will disappear from Windows PCs on May 15, 2022. Although: not quite. IE mutates into a zombie. Update: Many Japanese companies and authorities are not prepared.

Updated June 17, 2022:

In Japan, turning off Internet Explorer is actually a headache. Because many Japanese companies apparently still use Internet Explorer, as reported by the Japanese media. Government institutions, financial institutions and logistics companies in particular still use websites there that are only compatible with the ancient Internet Explorer. The IE mode of the Edge browser often does not seem to be sufficient as a replacement in these cases. The affected companies are now desperately turning to software developers.

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Internet Explorer 11 is dying today – and it lives on here (message from June 15, 2022)

Internet Explorer has been a death row candidate for a long time, but the final step will follow in June 2022 – not quite 27 years after it was first introduced. Because June 15th is patch day and then Microsoft will bring an update for IE on computers with Windows 10 20H2 or younger Windows versions for the last time. This update causes the IE 11 desktop application to redirect to Edge when opening a webpage. However, Microsoft does not want to implement this forwarding immediately for all affected computers on June 15, 2022, but rather step by step over the next few months after June 15. You can read all the details in this message: How Microsoft will remove Internet Explorer 11 on June 15th.

The long death march of IE

The following reports also describe how Microsoft has gradually reduced support for IE 11:

Internet Explorer 11: Microsoft 365 is no longer supported

Internet Explorer will soon no longer open Youtube, Twitter & Co

Off for IE 11 and old Edge: what you need to know

But IE 11 still lives on a little bit

However, Internet Explorer 11 is still not completely dead. Like an undead in a zombie film, IE is still alive a little bit, as Microsoft writes in its FAQ. Anyone who is actually still using Windows 8.1 should be able to continue using Internet Explorer. The same applies to users of Windows 7 as part of the paid extended support for companies (Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU). And for app developers who embed web content via the MSHTML (Trident) engine, the app stays separate from IE11 -Shutdown unaffected and still supported, Microsoft says.

IE lives on even in the Edge

The Edge browser has long since succeeded Internet Explorer as Microsoft’s standard browser for Windows. An Internet Explorer mode can also be activated in Edge. Simply enter the following in the Edge address bar:


. Then select the setting “Allow” under “Allow websites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode” and then restart Edge. Microsoft promises to support IE mode in late 2029 at least.

This allows you to run certain software and websites that actually only run in Internet Explorer. In practice, however, this should only be of interest to corporate customers who have to use specially programmed and very old corporate software.

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