Internet from Freenet: WLAN to go – can be canceled monthly

The new “Freenet Internet LTE” is activated via an app, comes without a minimum contract period and is paid for via PayPal.

You want fast Internet, but preferably without paperwork and, if possible, without the usual minimum contract terms. Then the new “Freenet Internet LTE” is worth a look. This can be conveniently activated via the app, paid via Paypal and canceled monthly.

Once activated, you get unlimited LTE volume with up to 100 Mbit/s in the Telefónica network (after 1000 GB you continue surfing with 1 Mbit/s)

for only 29.99 euros per month

– Payment is made via PayPal. All you need is a SIM card and a suitable LTE router. Activating the SIM costs you a one-time fee of 29.99 euros. If you don’t have a suitable router, you can get a Fritzbox for a one-time fee of 149.99 euros.

WLAN from the socket, without long contract terms

Freenet Internet LTE is the ideal solution if you either don’t have a DSL, fiber optic or TV cable line available for an Internet connection, or if the performance you would get on site is too low. The tariff is also suitable for people who depend on mobile Internet.

The compact LTE router is about the size of a postcard. It is easy to transport and can be taken anywhere. For example, you can set up your own mobile WiFi network in your holiday home or mobile home – WiFi to go, so to speak.

Once you place your order, everything goes very quickly. You will receive a SIM card and the optional router. SIM card in the router, scan the QR code and your Freenet Internet LTE is already activated and you have fast Internet for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, TV & Co. with LTE/5G speed. Finished. No complex installation or technicians required.

Download the app now and activate Freenet Internet LTE

Freenet Internet LTE: details

Data volume:





100 Mbit/s, continue surfing after 1000 GB with 1 Mbit/s


10 Mbps

Tariff price:

29.99 euros

One-time connection price:

29.99 euros

Optional router:

Fritzbox 6820 LTE for a one-time fee of 149.99 euros

An order:

by app

Means of payment:




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