Internet television increasingly popular in Germany

According to the Federal Statistical Office, almost every fifth household in Germany watches Internet television.

Television reception via the Internet is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. The Federal Statistical Office published the current figures for the past year today. According to this, by 2021, 19 percent of households were already watching television via a broadband connection.

Most use satellite and cable connections

Compared to the previous year, television reception via the Internet was able to record growth of four percent. In 2019, only 15 percent of households used IPTV. However, the top list of TV connections will also be dominated by satellite and cable connections in 2021. 45 and 43 percent of households use these types of reception. An antenna connection was only used in ten percent of private households in 2021. Since the switch from analogue to digital terrestrial television five years ago, this type of reception has been on the decline.

Type of reception depends on living situation

According to the Federal Statistical Office, the type of television reception in German households also depends on the living situation. While people who own their own home are more likely to have a satellite TV connection (63 percent), rented households are more likely to use cable connections (55 percent). The use of IPTV was almost equally distributed in both cases at around 20 percent.

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