Internet too slow – only a few users enforce price reduction

Although internet users can reduce their payments to the internet service provider if their internet connection is too slow, few users actually enforce a price reduction. Possible reasons.

Since December 2021, Internet users have been able to reduce their payments to the Internet provider if they do not get the contractually guaranteed bandwidth. Theoretically. Because as the Tagesschau reports, only a few customers actually enforce a price reduction.

PC-WELT tariff calculator DSL

The Federal Network Agency also found that the number of measurements with its broadband measurement desktop app measurement tool had decreased in recent months. From mid-December 2021 to the end of June 2022, around 22,000 measurements were taken with the broadband measurement app. But while Internet users already carried out around 15,000 measurements by the end of February 2022, it was only around 7,000 in the four months that followed. In these measurements, a reduction claim was “almost exclusively” determined, as the daily news quoted the Federal Network Agency. This is hardly surprising, because those who are satisfied with their Internet connection will hardly undertake the time-consuming test procedure. So probably only those Internet users who are actually too slow should measure the speed of their Internet connection with the measuring tool of the Federal Network Agency.

A correct measurement requires patience and time

Consumer advocates explain the comparatively low number of measurements with the complex measuring process and the complex use of the measuring tool. After all, 30 tests have to be carried out on three different days for the measured values ​​to be legally binding. If it is then determined that the line is too slow, the actual reduction claim still has to be determined. Consumer advocates have therefore published an online calculator that you can use to determine your reduction claim: Internet too slow – this tool tells you how much less you have to pay.

Internet too slow? Examination from 13.12. possible!

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