Interpolis: number of sick reports has increased considerably since September

Also from figures from Nivel, the Dutch Institute for Healthcare Research, reports that GPs have seen an increasing number of patients with an acute respiratory infection since mid-August. According to the institute, the numbers are usual for the time of year.

The increase in absenteeism is also in line with the seasonal trend, according to Interpolis. “The significant increase in a month and a half is striking,” according to the insurer. The average duration of sick leave has also increased.

Working too long with complaints

“This is probably a combination of factors such as the regular flu virus, a reduced resistance due to many working from home, the increasing infections with the coronavirus and the loss of employees due to long-term busyness,” says RenĂ© Voets, Director of Companies at Interpolis. .

The average length of absence has been increasing since the start of the corona pandemic.

Voets thinks that employees may continue to work too long with complaints. These can be mental complaints, but also physical complaints that arise, for example, due to a wrong posture while working from home. Absenteeism lasts on average 5 percent longer than in the same period last year and has increased by 10 percent compared to 2019.

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