Interview: This is the Netflix hiring manager’s favorite question


The toughest questions asked in a job interview at Netflix are about corporate culture.

Netflix hiring manager Valarie Toda told that her preferred interview question was, “When was the last time you gave direct feedback to your boss?”

The question should be able to assess how well the applicant can deal with conflicts and how comfortable he feels with giving and receiving feedback.

Internalizes the basic values ​​of the corporate culture

Integrity and communication are two of the ten core values ​​of the current Netflix corporate culture. For example, it says: “You say what you think when it’s in Netflix’s best interest – even when it’s uncomfortable.”

Netflix employees are encouraged to provide regular feedback to other employees, their supervisors, and even the CEO, Reed Hastings.

Not every job is that open. Toda said one applicant answered that question with a simple admission in an interview. He said he has never given critical feedback to his boss.

According to Toda, the applicant replied, “I’ve never done this before. I’ve never worked in a work atmosphere where I felt safe enough to do that. But I’ve read up on the corporate culture and I know that I have to do it here. That is one of the reasons for my application because I want to develop this ability. “

You should answer honestly and carefully

“He said he had never done this before and was honest with me,” said Toda. “He also took it as a reason to want to work at Netflix. It was super impressive and showed me that he has both the self-confidence and the courage to be really successful here. “

The answer speaks for the range of qualities that Netflix seeks in new applicants. Courage is another of the company’s ten values. “One is able to be vulnerable in search of the truth,” it says.

Even applicants who have never worked in a work environment like Netflix can score points with recruiters. They should respond honestly and thoughtfully and show their passion for the company’s culture.

This article was published by in January 2020. It has now been reviewed and updated.


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