Investment app without unnecessary distractions, but with low commissions

An investment app without complicated and unnecessary distractions and with low commissions, that is what BUX Zero is in one sentence. “Accessible for novice investors but not a beginner app,” says Stevan Zmiric, creative at BUX Zero. “We think that accessibility is so important because many other investment services have a knack for making things unnecessarily complicated and using too much jargon.” This in turn can lead to users not knowing exactly what they are doing and even taking irresponsible risks. And let that be exactly what the people behind BUX Zero do not want.

Explanation and education

For example, Zmiric presents a new episode of YouTube show BUX Broadcast every week, in which the exhibition week is discussed, but there is also room for explanation and interpretation. Zmiric: “So that people know what they are doing, that makes investing more fun and safer.” This and other educational content can be found via the socials of BUX Zero, and also on their website in the knowledge center So it’s no surprise that BUX Zero claims the Bulls & Bears Academy in Bulls & Bears. In this educational component, Zmiric will discuss different investment products each week and explain the associated opportunities and risks.

Low or even no commissions

And what about those low commissions? Zmiric: “This is interesting for the experienced investor with a large portfolio, because they don’t feel like paying high commissions. But also nice for the investor who first wants to start small without commissions taking away too much from his return.” In addition to low commissions, you can even trade commission-free with BUX Zero by using the Zero Order. With this you pay 0,- commission and BUX Zero executes all zero orders of that day at the end of the day in a transaction.

Bulls & Bears

Bulls & Bears is a new investor program on RTL Z and RTL 7. In the weekly talk show, different experts in the field of the stock market, investment and cryptocurrency join each episode. Van de Poppe will join in four of the eight episodes of Bulls & Bears, in episode two he will be the first to see. Bulls & Bears can be seen every Saturday at 2 p.m. on RTL Z and every Sunday at 10 a.m. on RTL 7.

Became curious? Take a look at the website and socials of BUX Zero or download the app from your app store!

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