Investor confidence recovers but remains low due to corona crisis Financial

The measure with which ING measures confidence rose to 83 this month. In April it was still at 68, the lowest in years.

According to ING, investors are cautiously more confident in the coming months and are slightly more positive about their expectations for the economic situation in the Netherlands and their own investment portfolio. The expectations for the Amsterdam AEX index are also somewhat less negative: more than a third think that the AEX will increase in the coming months.

More negative

The stocks where investors see opportunities have also clearly shifted due to the outbreak of the corona virus. For example, 20 percent of respondents expected Ahold to deliver the best return on the submitted AEX shares. That was only 3 percent in January. Philips also expects more returns in the coming months than was expected in January. “This is not a bad idea, given recent developments. Sales at Ahold have increased recently and there may be more focus on health after the corona crisis, which will benefit Philips,” said Bob Homan, director of ING Investment Office.

The impact of the corona crisis on the stock market is also clearly visible in the investors’ opinion on the stock market year so far. This opinion has become much more negative compared to six months ago. To date, three-quarters of investors think the stock market year is (much) less good than expected. This was still 17 percent in November. “When we asked investors about this at the end of last year, most investors expected slight price gains for this year. No wonder it is disappointing now that markets are still clearly in the negative. I think that given the economic downturn, we are should be about the level of August last year, shouldn’t be complaining, “said Homan.


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