Ionity lowers its prices in France

Valid only on tri-standard 50 kW terminals installed on Ionity’s French stations, this rate reduction was decided in reaction to the sudden shutdown of a large part of the Corri-Door network.

With the summer holidays approaching, Ionity wants to stand united in the face of the distress of certain electric mobilists. While Izivia suddenly shut down 90% of the Corri-Door network, the operator specializing in high-power charging has just announced the introduction of a new pricing offer. Set up on May 1, 2020, this allows you to benefit from a price of € 0.49 / kWh instead of the € 0.79 / kWh billed in normal times, reports the Avere France website.

A preferential rate which is mainly intended for owners who do not have a CCS socket or who cannot benefit from very high power charging. Thus, only the tri-standard terminals of the Ionity network are concerned, limited to 50 kW of power. There are 25 of these in France, with three connectors (AC Type 2 43 kW and DC Combo / CHAdeMO in 50 kW). They are part of the obligations of decree 2017-26 imposing on operators the presence of the three standards for any terminal installed or replaced until December 31, 2024.

To benefit from this reduced rate, it is essential to go through a fee-for-service payment. In fact, this excludes the use of badges from the various mobility service operators.

Only the tri-standard terminals of the Ionity network allow you to benefit from the rate at 0.49 € / kWh


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