iOS 14.5 introduces burning heart, more diverse couples like emoji

9to5Mac notes that.

Unicode Consortium, the organization that regulates emoji, approved this series in September last year. The series includes a number of new hearts, such as a bandaged heart with a burning heart, a ‘head in the clouds’ emoji, and several bearded faces.

Two hundred emoji are variations of the existing ‘couple with heart’ and ‘kissing couple’ emoji. It involves various combinations of skin color and gender than the existing emoji.

Few minor adjustments

Other existing emoji have had a minor makeover. For example, the ‘headphones’ emoji now resembles Apple’s AirPods Max. The injection needle has been adjusted so that no more blood can be seen in the emoji.

Emojis are annually approved after a long process by the Unicode Consortium, which also includes major tech companies such as Apple. In the following months, the new emojis in your own house style will be added to iOS and Android, among others.

The new version of iOS is expected to be released this month.


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