iOS 16 allows eSIM transfer to new iPhone via Bluetooth

The transfer of an eSIM should be as easy under iOS 16 as changing a physical SIM card.

Anyone who bought a new smartphone a few years ago could simply remove the SIM card from their old device and use it along with the old phone number in the new smartphone after entering their PIN. The electronic SIM (eSIM) made moving to a new mobile phone a bit more complicated. With iOS 16, Apple wants to make the move easier again.

Transmission via Bluetooth

According to a tweet
should be able to transfer eSIMs from an existing iPhone to a new iPhone via Bluetooth under iOS 16. This makes moving the old cell phone number and tariff to a new device as easy as it was in the days of physical SIM cards.

Still complicated at the moment

Moving an eSIM to the iPhone is currently much more complicated: users must first contact their mobile operator to get a new eSIM. With some providers, this process is relatively easy via a newly sent QR code that is made available via the mobile app. However, other mobile operators require a visit to a store to get a new eSIM.

Mobile operators have to play along

Apple’s new function for transferring eSIMs via Bluetooth could make work a lot easier here. In order to use this simple procedure, however, the mobile phone provider must agree in principle. iOS 16 is still in the beta phase. Therefore, it is not yet clear which mobile phone providers will support this service. However, the final version of iOS 16 should be released in autumn. By then, lists of cooperating mobile phone providers will certainly also be available.

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