iOS 16: New iPhone lock screen explained

Does this still have something to do with iOS? Apple’s new lock screen is arguably the biggest design change in years and offers plenty of room for individualism.

The rumors about a new lock screen should turn out to be true. Apple is actually completely turning the iPhone lock screen upside down: Customizable font styles for the time, depth effects, widgets and more. If you haven’t noticed that this is supposed to be iOS 16, you might even confuse it with Android at first glance. The most important innovations are explained here.

Portrait effect from the Apple Watch now also on the iPhone

An innovation concerns the time on the lock screen. For the first time in the history of the iPhone, this can now be customized by the user himself. In addition to different colors and font styles, Apple is now also bringing the effect known from the portrait face of the Apple Watch to the iPhone. “The motifs in photos [werden] artfully placed in front of the time on the lock screen to give the impression of depth”. As already mentioned: We already know this effect from the Apple Watch. Anyone who sets a photo taken with the iPhone in portrait mode as the dial will have seen the depth effect quite often. Particularly exciting: According to Apple, this effect now also works in watchOS 9 with dogs, cats and landscape photos. We are curious to see how well the effect works when there is no LiDAR sensor involved in portrait mode.

New lock screen on iOS 16

Widgets can now also be added to the iPhone lock screen, according to Apple these were explicitly inspired by those of the Apple Watch. Means: Information such as upcoming appointments, weather, battery level, alarm clock, time zones, progress in the activity rings and more can be read at a glance from the lock screen with iOS 16.

Exclusive animated wallpapers

New wallpapers are always in great demand with the respective new iOS version, but Apple has something new to offer here too. Aside from what appears to be an official iOS 16 wallpaper, it’s currently quite difficult to determine what other wallpapers revealed by Apple will be available to everyone. They might just be wallpapers used for demonstration purposes that didn’t make it into the final iOS 16 release.

However, Apple announced that there will be numerous background collections from Apple, “[…] including Pride & Unity to celebrate special cultural moments; a weather wallpaper to follow the weather live throughout the day; and an astronomy background image with images of the earth, moon and solar system.” Especially cool: the astronomy background image of the earth animates from a long shot to a close-up shot when unlocked. You’ve never seen anything like this at Apple before.

Live updates on the lock screen

Live notifications on the lock screen


Live notifications on the lock screen


Live Activity is a new feature that lets users stay up to date with everything that’s happening in real time and see information about sporting events, training sessions, and ordered rides or delivery services right on the lock screen. Excellent! In future, you can be informed by Deutsche Bahn directly on the lock screen if trains are delayed or cancelled.

Create your own lock screens

As Apple explains, it will also be possible to create your own lock screens with favorite emojis or various color combinations. “If you have multiple lock screens set up as favorites, you can simply swipe through them,” Apple says.


Notifications are now displayed at the bottom of the screen


Notifications are now displayed at the bottom of the screen


The display of notifications has also been revised. These run from the bottom up with iOS 16. This should provide more clarity on the personalized lock screen.

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