iPad & Co: Tablet holders for the car tested (2018)

Movie entertainment in the car? This is not a problem, especially with a tablet. Especially since it can be easily fixed to the windshield with a suction cup or with a bracket on the headrest. But, as is so often the case, the pitfalls are in the details. AUTO BILD has tested nine fastening systems and shows their strengths and weaknesses.

Winner in the AUTO BILD tablet holder test: Lamicell tablet holder

Lamicell tablet holder

tablet holder


tablet holder

  • easy and quick assembly
  • stable during normal driving
  • cheap price

Price €13.00

Clamp in, plug in, insert – done. The Lamicell tablet holder is attached in seconds, stable during normal driving and also cheap – what more could you ask for?

How AUTO BILD tested it

Wobbly tablet holder

It was tested with the iPad Mini 2 (7.9 inches, 350 grams).

The tablet holders had to prove themselves in three disciplines: assembly, installation, behavior while driving. The latter was divided into different stages such as cornering, braking, normal driving and driving over cobblestones. In addition, it was evaluated how flexible the mounts can be used (e.g. which tablet sizes fit). Finally, the price/performance ratio was also evaluated against the background of the performance in the test. The results are summarized in the categories “Flexibility”, “Handling”, “Safety & Quality” and “Price/Performance Ratio”.

Video: Tablet holder test (2018)

shaky affair

The test results at a glance

The most expensive candidate in the tablet holder test costs 40 euros. You also get a lot for that: believe it or not, 18 parts plus an Allen key. Just looking at it makes you want to close the box right away. A tablet holder should be simple – if you don’t look at the operating instructions for the iPad, why should you look at the holder? But it’s no use, without instructions nothing works with the test candidate from “Infuu Holders”. The assembly turns out to be a fiddly affair and even while driving the holder is disappointing across the board. 40 euros for that? This is definitely too much! But that remains the only total failure that we found when testing the tablet mounts.
Wobbly tablet holder

Cool: With the “Hama” holder, the tablet can be placed between the seats.

In general, the holder constructions are often a little too weak and wobble while driving. Watching a movie while doing this can be a bit annoying. In very few cases, however, is the wobbling a security risk. However, you have to worry about your tablet with one or the other holder: With the model from “Hama”, for example, you have to fiddle, turn and screw for a long time until the iPad sits correctly – not to mention the loser in the test. The winner of “Lamicall” shows: An investment of 13 euros is enough to get a good and simple tablet holder that serves its purpose. Clamp the holder into the headrest, insert the iPad – done. The whole thing takes ten seconds. It’s just as quick with the runner-up from “TFY”: Here the bracket is attached to the headrest with the help of a collar. The only disadvantage: the viewing angle cannot be changed. You can see the ratings of all tested tablet holders in the picture gallery.

picture gallery


Nine tablet mounts tested

Conclusion on the tablet holder test

tablets in the car? Yes! The perfect replacement for an entertainment system. But please only for the passengers and attached to the headrest. The suction cup mounts are overwhelmed by the weight, and the constant wobbling is annoying.

Headrest or suction cup – which holds better?

If the tablet is only used by the passengers in the back seat in the car, it is best to use a model that can be mounted on the headrest. The test showed: Overall, the headrest mounts are more stable than their counterparts with suction cups. The latter are particularly suitable if the tablet is to be used as a navigation system in the windshield. The connection between the suction cup and holder is often too weak, and the tablet wobbles a lot. If you don’t want to do without both, you can buy a universal holder like the test candidate from “CellularLine”. When used on the headrest, it performs great, and the suction cup is also solid.

What does the law say about tablets in cars?

There is no paragraph in the road traffic regulations that deals explicitly with tablets. The same applies as with cell phones: using a tablet while driving is punishable by a fine of at least 100 euros and a point in Flensburg. In the case of endangerment, the fine increases to 150 euros. If an accident happens, 200 euros are due. There are also two points and a month’s driving ban. If the tablet is in a holder, it can be used as a navigation system, for example, just like the cell phone.
Watching films while driving is only permitted for passengers. The driver himself is not explicitly forbidden, but “participation in road traffic requires constant caution” (§1 StVO). Anyone who comfortably watches a film behind the wheel violates this obligation and will be asked to pay a fine (20 to 35 euros). In the event of damage, the penalties can increase significantly, and the insurance company may refuse to settle the damage.

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