iPhone 12 catches on: Apple overtakes Samsung and is now the market leader

Apple shipped a record number of more than 90 million iPhones last quarter. With that, Apple had a market share of more than 23 percent, reports research firm IDC. Last year in the same quarter that was just under 20 percent. Apple also leads the fourth quarter in the new sales figures of the research firms Canalys and Counterpoint.

Samsung dropped to second place, but managed to sell more phones. The South Korean manufacturer shipped 74 million smartphones in the fourth quarter, compared to just under 70 million in the same period last year. Samsung only came this month with its new Galaxy S21 smartphones.

Apple only launched the iPhone 12 devices in October and November last year, while it usually launches the new iPhones in September. As a result, the sales peak in 2020 fell in the fourth instead of the third quarter.

Market share taken from Huawei

Apple has mainly sold many more iPhones in China. There, Apple was able to take advantage of Huawei’s problems, among other things. The Chinese tech company is suffering from US sanctions, which the company has said blacklisted over concerns over ties with the Chinese government. As a result, Huawei has difficulty importing sufficient parts. The supply of Huawei smartphones was smaller than the demand, according to IDC.

Huawei only shipped around 32 million smartphones, according to IDC, which puts it in fifth place. Canalys and Counterpoint even lowered the company one place.

Growth for Xiaomi and Oppo

Other Chinese brands also continue to benefit from Huawei’s problems. For example, Xiaomi (number 3 worldwide) shipped 32 percent more smartphones and Oppo (number 4) also did well with an increase of 11 percent, IDC reports.

At Counterpoint and Canalys, the Chinese brand Vivo is in fifth place. In total, the smartphone market grew by more than 4 percent in the past quarter.


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