IPhone 12’s Night Mode vs Pixel 5’s Night Vision (Photos)

Google or Apple? This question arises year after year. A small comparison shows the night mode functions of the iPhone 12 and Pixel 5.

Photography from the wrist is important to me on the smartphone, as many devices are already pretty good at that today. However, it gets particularly exciting at night when there is no more natural light. Google, Apple and Co. offer a night mode for this, which exposes a little longer and thus conjures up a lot from little light. Today I spontaneously took a few photos with the Apple iPhone 12 and the Google Pixel 5.

Of course, for the most part, these are really dark photos that don’t necessarily look super pretty on larger screens. Although I have to admit that Google is getting more and more light out, especially during twilight, the HDR + function fully strikes. Light sources on a deep black night look increasingly unnatural on Google. Now I’m almost jealous of my wife’s iPhone, which produces slightly better photos at night.

Google or Apple: differences are visible at night

In the following you will always see the photo from the iPhone 12 and below from the Pixel 5 first:

Google has to do something, the backlog is visible

Finally, let’s not forget that the iPhone 12 costs a little over 300 euros more. If you include this price difference in the comparison, the Google smartphone does very well. I am still curious what Google will do in the coming year, because the camera hardware that has been in use for years will hardly be dragged through for another year.

We had already written about another report a few days ago, which definitely underscores my observations. Google can still offer quite a lot, but the other manufacturers have caught up in very large strides in recent years.

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