iPhone 13 Mini at the lowest price on Amazon

The iPhone 13 Mini is currently available in the current color alpine green at Amazon. You can also save on 512 GB models.

Apple presented the iPhone 13 Mini in green just under a month ago at its spring keynote, and now there are the first offers online for the new color variant. Amazon is offering the iPhone 13 Mini in green for 696.93 euros, more than a hundred euros less than the original price from Apple. At Amazon, this is the best price since the iPhone 13 Mini went on sale, and you can’t buy the small smartphone much cheaper anywhere else on the internet, as our market comparison shows. However, you have to wait almost two weeks for the delivery of the mini iPhone in green: Amazon promises delivery from April 27th to May 10th. However, if you click through the color variants and storage options for the same device, you will find another model that is available immediately: the iPhone 13 Mini in red with 512 GB of storage for 997 euros. The red iPhone can already be delivered this week.

Buy the iPhone 13 Mini in alpine green with 128 GB of storage for 697 euros from Amazon

Buy the iPhone 13 Mini in red with 512 GB of storage for 997 euros from Amazon

If you like smaller smartphones that can be operated with one hand, an iPhone 13 Mini is definitely recommended. Apple’s approach to small smartphones is to condense the regular iPhone into a smaller form, not stripping out features like its Android competition often does. In addition, the new iPhone 13 Mini ironed out the main point of criticism that still existed with the iPhone 12 Mini: the battery life has improved significantly (here in our endurance test), they now reach the battery life of a normal iPhone 12. In addition, there have long been rumors that Apple wants to discontinue its mini models. The iPhone 13 Mini could be the last of its kind.

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