iPhone 13: Rumors of smaller notch and larger battery and 120 Hz display

The new rumors about the next generation of iPhones follow each other at a rapid pace. For example, the iPhone 13 series would get large batteries and a better display.

In the news: The latest batch of iPhone 13 rumors come from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo via MacRumors. According to him, the next generation of iPhones will get a smaller one notch on the front of the screen and a larger battery. Some models would also get a faster refresh rate.

Display? Most rumors about the iPhone 13 series seem to be about the screen for now.

  • The two Pro models of the iPhone 13 would get a refresh rate of 120 Hz. That is twice as much as with the iPhone 12 series. This difference is especially noticeable when scrolling because everything goes more smoothly.
    • If Apple would choose not to give the regular iPhone 13 and the slightly cheaper iPhone 13 Mini 120 Hz, that would be quite striking. Almost all competitors have had that refresh rate for their flagship models for some time now.
  • As previously leaked, the notch at the top of the screen would become smaller. For a scoop instead of one notch (as with the Samsung S21), according to Kuo, it will take an extra year until 2022.

Battery? All models of the iPhone 13 range are said to have a larger battery compared to the iPhone 12 range. As a result, the devices will be slightly heavier.

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