iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12: Which model is more worthwhile

In September 2021, Apple will present the iPhone 13. Here you can find out why the 12-series model is worthwhile despite or perhaps because of its successor.

Does the iPhone 13 make everything new? Not at all! The big iPhone model change came with the completely redesigned case of the iPhone 12. The 13 series is more likely to have a facelift, but not major technical innovations. This is a solid reason to resist the appeal of the expensive iPhone 13 (all information) and to save money with the predecessor iPhone 12. The comparison of both models based on the information that has already been leaked quickly shows that there are enough reasons why you can still grab the iPhone 12 and get a bargain, like here at O2:

To the O2 offer: iPhone 12 + 40 GB 5G tariff for 41.99 euros

To the O2: Offer: iPhone 12 Pro + Unlimited 5G tariff for 61.99 euros

To the O2: Offer: iPhone 12 Pro Max + Unlimited 5G tariff for 69.99 euros

iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12: Models and Prices

With the new iPhone generation, Apple is based on the current 12 series. So there will be four models again: iPhone 13, 13 Mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

Initially, it was not assumed that the price would increase significantly; the new models should cost about as much as the iPhone 12 series when it was released. As a reminder, here are the starting prices again:

Because the chip production of an Apple supplier is becoming more expensive, Apple probably wants to increase the prices of its own products to compensate for the additional costs. According to current reports, the iPhone 13 models are also expected to become more expensive. Specific prices are not known, but an increase of 40 to 50 euros for the smallest model in each case seems realistic.

You can now buy the iPhone 12 models much cheaper. A price drop is to be expected, especially after the iPhone 13 is introduced, but there are already high discounts: O2, for example, is currently offering the iPhone 12 with a 5G tariff with a whopping 40 GB data volume for only 41.99 euros per month. So the Apple cell phone actually costs only 174 euros!

To the O2 offer: iPhone 12 + 40 GB 5G tariff for 41.99 euros

And the 12 Pro and the 12 Pro Max are also currently cheaper with unlimited data volume:

To the O2: Offer: iPhone 12 Pro + Unlimited 5G tariff for 61.99 euros

To the O2: Offer: iPhone 12 Pro Max + Unlimited 5G tariff for 69.99 euros

iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12: design and display


The design of the iPhone 13 will be largely identical to that of the iPhone 12. However, especially the models iPhone 13 and 13 Pro should be thicker than their respective predecessors, as Macrumors reports. The new devices will probably be 7.57 millimeters thick, while the two 12-series models were 7.4 millimeters deep. The difference is so marginal that most users will probably not notice it.

The change in the camera, however, could be bigger. The camera area on the back should protrude 1 to 1.8 millimeters further out of the housing than before. This change is intended to prevent the individual camera lenses from protruding as far as in older devices. In addition, the lenses should be a little larger and the arrangement could be different.

iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12: camera sticks out further


iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12: camera sticks out further

© Macrumors


The four iPhone 13 devices will have the same display sizes as the current 12 series. Called:

All versions will again work with an OLED display that offers very high contrasts and black levels as well as crisp colors. The so-called LTPO technology is said to be new compared to the 12 generation, thanks to which the devices can not only support Always-On, but above all a variable refresh rate that adapts automatically depending on the scenario. While Android users have been enjoying this technology and high refresh rates of 120 Hertz (sometimes even 144 Hertz) for a long time, Apple stuck to 60 Hertz. Now at least the Pro models should support up to 120 Hertz. The standard models will still have to make do with 60 Hertz. Not until next year, with the iPhone 14, will all variants have an LTPO display with up to 120 Hertz.

So this means that you can only count on a major innovation in the display of the expensive Pro devices. The standard versions will probably not have any advantage over the iPhone 12.


The large display recess at the top of the screen will remain. However, it should be a little narrower than before, which is definitely not a reason to switch to the new model.

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iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12: camera

Apple will not change anything in terms of the camera hardware and the respective configuration. The non-Pro models will work as usual with a wide-angle and an ultra-wide-angle camera, and the Pro models also come with a telephoto camera. The new models will therefore have the same poor zoom performance as the current 12 mm devices. There should be a small update for the ultra-wide-angle camera, which should offer a larger f / 1.8 aperture with which better pictures should be taken in poor lighting conditions. And the lidar sensor should now be integrated in all models.

In addition, Apple is to introduce new camera functions, which can later also come to the iPhone 12 models. This includes a cinema mode that also blurs the background with video recordings in real time and portraits. Thanks to a ProRes video function, a higher video quality should be possible and Apple should bring AI-based photo filters with which you can adjust colors, lights and shadows individually to objects. And Apple should integrate a star mode with which you can photograph the night sky even better.

iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12: New processor, more performance

With every new iPhone generation, Apple also brings its latest chip. The A15 Bionic will work in all iPhone 13 versions, which will probably be more powerful than the A14 Bionic in the iPhone 12. That doesn’t mean that the 12 has to hide. On the contrary: the chip is far more powerful than the processors used by the Android competition. It is even faster than the Snapdragon 888, which is in the top smartphones with Android.

Compared to its predecessors, the main memory will remain the same. iPhone 13 and 13 Mini again with 4 GB of RAM and the two Pro models with 6 GB of RAM.

Where the iPhone 13 will differ from the iPhone 12 is connectivity, with wider support for cellular bands and WiFi 6E, the new WiFi standard that offers higher performance.

iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12: Battery

It is currently assumed that all new devices will have a larger battery, which should have an impact on longer battery life. And that would be quite useful, since most Android devices last much longer with their large batteries and energy-saving processors.

battery pack

iPhone 13 (presumably)

iPhone 12


2406 mAh

2227 mAh


3095 mAh

2815 mAh


3095 mAh

2815 mAh

Per max

4352 mAh

3687 mAh

Conclusion: The iPhone 12 is still worth it

The major leaps in innovation in smartphones are definitely over. This also applies to the model change from iPhone 12 to 13. Sure, the iPhone 13 is newer and brings improvements here and there. But they are so small that you can confidently use the current model. If you are looking for the real innovations, then you have to resort to one of the two Pro models, which will come with a 120 Hertz display. The innovations that we would have wished for for the current generation, such as a fingerprint sensor under the display glass or a periscope camera for better zoom, are only expected in the iPhone 14. We therefore clearly recommend: If you don’t necessarily have to have the latest model, you don’t overburden your account with the current iPhone 12. Because that has meanwhile fallen in price and is sometimes available with high discounts and in inexpensive bundles such as at O2. Otherwise it is worth waiting for the iPhone 14.

Especially if you want to switch from an older iPhone to a current model, the 12er is the choice for bargain hunters. Serious innovations are only expected again with the iPhone 14: a 48-megapixel camera and Touch-ID in the display. You can easily skip the iPhone 13 and use the iPhone 12 as an inexpensive interim solution.

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