iPhone 13 with Apple Watch 7 in the O2 mega tariff Grow

Telefónica celebrates birthdays and distributes gifts. On offer this time: The growing tariff O2 Grow with a special Apple bundle. For 64.99 euros per month there is 40 GB data volume in the 5G network, the iPhone 13 and the Apple Watch 7. And best of all: O2 packs 10 GB volume on top of that every year.

O2 rewards loyal customers with the O2 Grow tariff. In the first year, O2 Grow costs EUR 29.99 per month with an included volume of 40 GB. From the second year of the contract, there is 10 GB more volume for each year. This continues until you cancel the contract. So after five years you have a whopping 80 GB (!) per month to use freely in the fast 5G network and are online at up to 300 Mbit per second.

Order iPhone 13 and AppleWatch 7 in the O2 Grow tariff

And not just with your smartphone: With O2 Connect you get a second SIM card with the same phone number – also as an eSIM, by the way. Commissioning is extremely easy: insert the SIM card, enter it in the Mein O2 app and get started. You can also use the app to control data consumption.

But what use is a second SIM card to you? Very simple: You can use it to connect an additional smartphone, tablet, mobile router or smartwatch such as the Apple Watch 7 to the Internet. But not only that: With the Apple Watch 7 you can also make calls independently of the iPhone. This makes the smart watch the ideal companion for your leisure activities and fitness workouts.

iPhone 13 and AppleWatch 7 in the O2 Grow tariff for EUR 64.99 per month

Pay for the perfect Apple setup conveniently in 36 monthly installments

Apple fans traditionally have to dig deep into their pockets for the iconic hardware. The iPhone 13 (128 GB) currently costs 899 euros from Apple and the Apple Watch S7 (45 mm) 429 euros – so a total of 1,328 euros. For the 40 GB tariff you would pay a total of 1,080 euros for a term of 36 months. With the O2 bundle you pay at least 68 euros less and use the convenient installment payment over 36 months in the O2 Grow tariff. In this way you put less strain on your budget and still have money for the summer vacation. Without a connection fee, the bundle iPhone 13 together with the Apple Watch 7 costs 1 euro once – monthly 64.99 euros are due. Young people under the age of 28 save 10 euros a month with the Young tariff and only pay 54.99 euros a month for the tariff/hardware bundle.

Order iPhone 13 and AppleWatch 7 in the O2 Grow tariff

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