iPhone 14: now preferentially received with a reservation ticket from Telekom

At Deutsche Telekom you can secure a reservation ticket and be one of the first to receive the iPhone 14.

Apple recently announced that it would launch the new iPhone 14 on September 7th, 2022. Of course, many are waiting for the presentation from Cupertino before finally deciding on the new Apple smartphone. But a large part of the fan base is already certain: I will get the new iPhone.

Register now with Telekom without obligation

There is now good news for all those who want to get one of the new iPhones from Deutsche Telekom with a tariff

Reservation Service 2022

Register and be one of the first to receive one of the new iPhones. But the ticket is also interesting for everyone else, because it is completely non-binding. In other words, if you don’t decide on one of the new iPhones in the end, you don’t have to take it either.

The reservation is also quite general. You don’t decide on a model here either, it’s all about the ticket, which can be redeemed for different smartphones. Telekom writes:

“As soon as manufacturers such as B. Apple, Xiaomi or Samsung, present their latest smartphones, we actively invite you to redeem your ticket. As a registered customer, you automatically benefit from preferred delivery”.

How to get your reservation ticket

All you have to do is fill out the form at Telekom. You then confirm your reservation ticket by email and you are already registered for the service. You can participate in the service as a new customer and if you want to extend an existing contract. If you would like to extend a contract, but are already a MagentaEINS customer, you can save yourself the reservation ticket, MagentaEINS customers are automatically preferred – without registering.

Register now for the 2022 reservation service

As soon as the new iPhones can be pre-ordered via Telekom, you will be notified and you can then decide on a tariff or a contract extension and redeem your ticket. Your ticket will then be redeemed automatically and you will be prioritized for delivery.

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