iPhone magic trick to imitate: the Internet is amazed

This unknown iPhone trick borders on magic. On Instagram, a user amazes thousands of viewers with a short video in which he demonstrates the trick.

On Instagram you can see some iPhone tricks that the trained iOS eye is already familiar with. However, some iPhone functions are actually so well hidden in iOS 15 that many users probably don’t even know they exist. Like that

following trick

, posted by a smaller Instagram user and picked up by a major meme site, baffling thousands of users. Do you own

an iPhone and an iPad

can you

try this feature yourself


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  1. Select a photo on your iPhone and pinch your thumb, index, and middle finger together in the middle of the screen, as if you’re about to pick up a very small object from the screen or zoom out on an image on your iPhone.

  2. If you have succeeded in the finger movement, a small hint with “Copy” will appear on the screen. Alternatively, if you don’t get it (don’t give up right away, it takes practice), you can tap the Share button at the bottom left of the screen and select “Copy Photo” over it.

  3. Now turn to your iPad and paste the image into an app such as Notes, Mail, or Messages using the following swipe motion. Important here: You must first tap the app once so that the text cursor is displayed. Now hold your thumb, index and middle finger together and move all fingers away from each other. Sort of like trying to zoom into an image on your display. Alternatively, you can tap the screen once and then select “Paste.”

  4. The photo will now be transferred to your iPad.

This trick also works with text and basically everything that can be copied. Of course, the trick can unfold its full effect with the appropriate finger movement.

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