iPhone owners place higher demands on apps than Android users

According to an analysis of the user ratings of 4400 popular mobile apps, third-party iPhone apps performed significantly worse than the corresponding Android apps.

As a result, “the data shows that iOS users are more critical of mobile apps than Android users,” said David Kravets, senior content marketing manager at UnitQ, the company that conducted the study, in an interview with Cult of Mac, the the blog summarizes here.

After reviewing nearly 122 million reviews, UnitQ analysts say “there’s still a lot of room for improvement” in mobile software.

Evaluation with AI

According to the article, the company applied artificial intelligence to millions of reviews on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. Because individual people would not have been able to cope with this to this extent. In addition, one did not simply look at the star ratings, but also at the ratio between negative and positive ratings by the users. A value of 78 was determined for all examined Android apps, whereas the iOS apps and their counterparts only achieved 61 points in this analysis method. The price of the mobile phone itself should play a role here – because it is well known that iPhones cost more on average, and therefore users tended to complain more when evaluating apps, Kravets continues.

The apps on the platform itself, on the other hand, are on a similar level with an average score of 75, which according to the company’s criteria is a satisfactory product quality, but which still offers a lot of room for improvement.

The UnitQ company makes the information obtained available to third-party app developers for a fee, so that they save the time of viewing and evaluating the thousands of user comments.

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