“iPhone SE 3 is a cheek” – that’s what users say

With the iPhone SE 3, Apple has introduced its new entry-level cell phone. Because almost everything remains the same, there are many disappointed comments under our introductory video.

In addition to the Mac Studio, Studio Display and a new iPad Air 5, Apple also unveiled the 3rd generation iPhone SE at its first event of 2022 on March 8th. The SE series is known to be the “cheap” entry into the iPhone world. While the new A15 Bionic chip from the iPhone 13 is used and the phone now also supports 5G, the rest has remained the same. Means: Single cam with 12 megapixels on the back and old iPhone 8 design with thick display edges and home button (with Touch ID, no Face ID). Accordingly, users are disappointed and annoyed by Apple’s approach to bringing such an old-fashioned device onto the market in 2022, in which 120 Hertz, full screens and multi-camera systems are standard for 300-euro cell phones. And then Apple makes the cell phone even more expensive: the entry price has been increased from 479 to 519 euros RRP.

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Here is a selection of the

disappointed comments

under our video “iPhone SE 3 vs SE 2: The differences”, which you can find on our Youtube channel “Technology Love”:

To be honest, the SE 3 is just a complete disappointment and considering the price, I would even go so far as to call it a cheek.”

So if there are so few new things with the SE 3, I already know that the iPhone 14 will also be bad

. So something new might come first with the iPhone 15, which means waiting another year

“Don’t you feel stupid if you buy something like this in 2022? Not to mention the price”

More than 500 € for 64 GB – Apple is once again cheating customers.”

“No, no, no and no again. This old-fashioned design. Without words. Missed opportunity! I’m really disappointed…”

“Buy no. Too expensive for the few features.”

“Well, I think it’s a joke. Such an outdated front for this price. No thanks.”

“Whoever buys this iPhone at this price has lost control of their life”

“The iPhone SE 3 is a disappointment”

“What a cheek, such an old design! Not recommended!”

“OK and the iPhone SE 3 should lure me as an Android user into the Apple ecosystem? Never, but the smartphone hardware is technically outdated and uninteresting except for the A15, and unfortunately even more so at the price. Sorry, bin As always, very disappointed with the iPhone SE range.”

But actually there was one or the other

positive comment


I think such an updated retro smartphone is great”

“That’s the way it should be, the look should stay the same for the next 3 years… because there’s always a certain target group, the slightly older ones.”

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