iPhone: We now know what the “i” stands for in the name

steve jobs unveils first iphone

The lowercase “i” may have become one of the most important letters in the modern world. But people still often wonder what it really stands for, reports the Independent.

Hardly any other products have ever become so legendary, also because of their strange names with always the same letter at the beginning: Of course, this means iPhone, iMac, iPad, iTunes. And so on.

The i “runs through a long list of Apple products.

It largely stands as an abbreviation for that Internet”. But not exclusively. And the genesis is a little more complicated.

The modern Apple is born

The i “Fireworks began in 1998 with the introduction of the iMac. The presentation was considered to mark the birth of the modern Apple empire, which has become the most valuable company in the world with many groundbreaking products over the past decade and a half.

Co-founder Steve Jobs had just taken over the shop again. He lay down on that i “because he saw iMac users doing one thing above all else: surfing the Internet.

At that time, the Internet was just about to break through. And the iMac should do one thing above all else: Get people online – quickly and easily ”. Jobs was convinced of that.

But that’s not the whole story. Jobs, the usual showman, projected a series of slides in English during the presentation i “words on the wall: Individual, instruct, inform, inspire ”. So: individual, instruction, information and inspiration.

Cook left that i “fall

The I “also stand for a whole range of other things, said Jobs at the key moment of Apple’s comeback: We’re a personal computer company, and while this product is ideal for networking, it’s also a beautiful product in its own right. “Apple wanted to break into the education market too, Jobs said the iMac would be ideal as a product for Instructions “.

After the resounding success, Jobs henceforth provided this to practically all product names i “- with software as with hardware. In 2007 Apple’s first cell phone was presented. The name was clear from the start: iPhone.

After Steve Jobs died from cancer in 2011, successor Tim Cook moved away from iPraxis: New products were mostly used Apple “in front – most recently on Apple TV or Apple Watch.


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