iPhone X broken? Display and battery replacement now cheaper

You have become fond of your iPhone X, but now have an unpleasant jump in the display? You are not alone in this. The vast majority of iPhone-X users send in their smartphones to exchange displays. Our partner records 75 percent of all iPhone X orders for a display replacement. Another 7 percent send in their iPhone to replace the display and battery.

This shows us: You don’t want to replace the iPhone X with the first damage. The sustainability aspect also speaks for this – in several ways: On the one hand, repairing instead of buying new is always the more environmentally friendly way. On the other hand, Apple’s long-term update support for the iPhone X ensures significantly longer use. Even if you are an iPhone X user from the very beginning – i.e. from 2017 – the expensive upgrade to a newer version is not without alternative.

Broken iPhone X: Repair now cheaper

There is now a special offer at The combination repair with display and battery replacement – so you can make your iPhone really fast again – is now cheaper for all available iPhone models.

Example: The mentioned iPhone X is made by experts for 269 euros – instead of 348 euros – like new. Already knew? Replacing the battery doesn’t just affect the battery life of your smartphone. The overall performance is also improved by a new battery. Battery and display replacement are a real refreshment for your smartphone.

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iPhone X on a newspaper
Like new after the repair: The iPhone X.

Fix iPhone – All options and prices

In addition to the iPhone X, the campaign applies to all Apple models from the iPhone 5 (and its model brothers iPhone 5c and 5s) to the iPhone X. Thus, bestsellers of the “old school”, the iPhone SE (from 2016), are the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7 from the party. The repair of the first iPhone SE with display and battery replacement, for example, only costs 94 euros.

Here you can find more information about the possible repairs – in addition to battery and display replacement, there are also options to replace the camera, charging socket, microphone and buttons. The professional application of a protective film is also part of the program. The repair experts only use original and certified spare parts.

All information and prices for …


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