iPhones with latest update to crack with jailbreak

The jailbreak software Unc0ver can be used on iPhones on iOS 11 through iOS 13.5, Wired reports. According to the makers, the jailbreak can be safely installed on phones and has no impact on your battery life or logged in Apple services such as iCloud, iMessage and Apple Pay.

By cracking an iPhone by means of a jailbreak, it is possible to install apps outside the official App Store, for example. This makes it possible to install software that Apple normally does not allow. On the other hand, it is also easier to accidentally install malware, for example.

iOS 13.5 has only been available for a few days, but there is already a jailbreak. That’s not surprising: jailbreaks work on the basis of vulnerabilities in software. Often the makers wait for Apple to release an update, so that they can release their cracking software afterwards. Then they know for sure that the gap will not be closed quickly.

Fewer and fewer jailbreakers

Until last year it was not possible to jailbreak an iPhone for a long time. Due to an error by Apple, it was suddenly possible to crack a device last August, but that leak was corrected in a later update. Now there is another jailbreak method for devices with the most recent software.

Jailbreaks seem less and less popular over the years. In the past, devices were cracked to install apps with functions that were missing on iPhones. However, over the years, Apple has added many of those features.


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