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Irma Sluis does the entire episode of Taarten van Abel in sign language

The VPRO youth program Cakes from Abel has high visitors on Sunday. The popular sign language interpreter Irma Sluis is present. She translates the entire broadcast into sign language.

Cakes from Abel Sunday February 28 has two special guests by the way. Jasmijn, 10 years old, welcomes her godfather Gijs, who is deaf. Jasmijn makes a cake for Gijs. And that is why sign language interpreter Irma Sluis is present.

Irma Sluis has to work hard

The translation at Cakes from Abel was quite a job for Irma Sluis. The broadcast, which has already been recorded, lasts 25 minutes. That is much longer than her share during the well-known corona press conferences of outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge. Irma Sluis translates half of those press conferences. You can already see a part of the broadcast of this Pies from Abel:

Jasmijn lives with her two hearing brothers and her two deaf parents. She makes a cake with Abel for her godfather Gijs who has Usher syndrome. He is deaf and slowly goes blind. Jasmine communicates with him through gestures that she makes him feel in his hand. She is proud of him that he is so strong ‘inside’ too. Jasmijn also tells what it is like to live with two deaf parents.

Irma Sluis extremely popular ‘by’ corona

Irma Sluis has worked since 2001 as an interpreter in Dutch Sign Language and interprets in various situations. Among other things, she translates it NOS News in the morning and evening. She became a national figure for interpreting the press conferences during the corona crisis. Numerous journalists wanted to speak to her then, but she took matters into her own hands in a clever way. When a name for a sea lock in IJmuiden was allowed to be chosen by the population, many suggested the Irma Sluis. In the end, that was not the name.

She’s featured in lots of jokes (not on her own Instagram account in this case).

Pies from Abel rock in the TV surf

Bakker Abel (Siemon de Jong from Monnickendam) works together during a frank conversation with a child on a very personal cake for a special person. Taboos are not shunned (and tasty sweets either!). Cakes from Abel was first broadcast on January 5, 2003 and has now started the nineteenth season.

The episode with Irma Sluis can be seen on Sunday 28 February at 9.45 am at VPRO on NPO Zapp.

Claire Meiland (3) is no longer allowed in the picture: ‘As if she is working hard …’

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Irma Sluis does the entire episode of Taarten van Abel in sign language


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