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“Is it Wednesday or Friday? We have completely lost our rhythm ‘

In the store I say, “Have a nice weekend, huh?” The saleswoman looks at me if I’m crazy. Two shops and ditto looks later, I understand why. It’s not a weekend. It is Thursday.

When I call my boss, I hear a hint of “Do not call me register” in his voice. I ask if I disturb. “A little. I’m free today,” he says. I hang up confused. Why free? Isn’t it Tuesday ?! When I turn on the TV, the penny falls. Liberation Day.

I get into a fight with my parking app. Damn thing. I hold it up, looking for 4G, but I get blunt. Then not. In front of a closed post office, the realization is that it is Sunday – and parking is free.

It may be up to me, but I have completely lost my way in recent weeks. While I’m generally known as ‘Mevrouwtje Kakstrak’ (or annoying control freak, it’s just how you look at it).

Hubby and I only realize that it is time for a ten o’clock time when the children are so aggressive that they pull out the hair together.

Puk (8) and Olle (5) want to play outside at 8.15 pm if they should have been in bed for half an hour.

We have completely lost our way with the lockdown-corona-children-two-days-a-week and holidays-in-between-school program.

Tips, someone, until June 8th? Puk and Olle are grateful to you.

And I certainly do.


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