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Is NTR pushing the boundaries with the bully vlogger? | News

In this new “Culture and Media podcast” reporter Rob Goossens thinks that Martien Meiland will look crazy when it turns out that I can see your voice his program Chateau Meiland could beat in ratings. The singing show gets more viewers every week and in terms of popularity takes over from The Masked Singer, which ends today after a thrilling duel between Zebra, Fox, Neptunes and Panter. The podcast is also about the “second chance” that bully vlogger Ismael Ilgun gets. Is it a brilliant move by the NTR to offer him a great platform or are they pushing the boundaries by giving him a show on prime time? Film journalist Marco Weijers declares his love to the great film legend Sophia Loren, who is still active at the age of 86 and explains why he should receive an Oscar for the film The life ahead premiering today on Netflix.

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