IS terrorist militia sees Coronavirus as punishment for the West

The Terrorist Militia “Islamic state“(IS) sees in Corona virus a punishment for the struggle of western states against believers Muslims. “Your Crusaders was hit by God’s hand (…) after fighting his religion and supporters, “said IS spokesman Abu Hamza al-Quraishi in a 40-minute release released on Thursday Audio message.

“We are pleased that God ‘s punishment has met you (…) We see how you are spending money with all your might in the desperate attempt to save your economy, which is the fever of the virus has exhausted. “

Message spread on social media

The authenticity of the Audio message could not be confirmed at first. However, it was disseminated through the usual IS channels on social media. Experts also assumed that the voice came from Abu Hamza. It is his third audio message, tweeted Rita Katz, director of the Site Intelligence Group, which specializes in propaganda by extremists.

Abu Hamza criticized that mosques were closed to prevent the spread of the Corona virus to prevent. The “scholars of the idols” had called for this, but at the same time remained silent about “lewd gatherings”, for example of people who danced in clubs, “as if this were going to happen virus only spread in mosques “.

The IS spokesman announced that the terrorist militia would continue to fight its opponents. The new IS chief, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraishi, gave his blessing to the “wear campaign”. He called on IS supporters to increase the number of “operations”.


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