Is the air suspension coming? Model Y spotted with high landing gear near Tesla factory

Ever since the Tesla Model 3 has existed, the hope has also been expressed that air suspension, as in the case of the Model S and Model X premium electric cars, will be offered at least as an option. The Model Y, which was launched later, even came with an off-road mode, which made the desire for a way to give it more ground clearance if necessary, even louder. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has ruled that out for both models so far. But now an observer close to the Fremont plant has discovered a Model Y with a suspiciously high landing gear.

YouTubers on Tesla searches

Most recently, the moderator of the YouTube channel The Kilowatts had regularly tried to catch a glimpse of the revised Model S and Model X in the parking lot of the electric car factory. He didn’t find anything there, but shortly before the official presentation at the end of January, he actually filmed a Model S with some eye-catching body modifications on a nearby street, which is likely to have been the new Plaid variant with three engines.

Nevertheless, the YouTuber has not stopped his search trips near the Tesla factory, and on Tuesday he met another new Model S, which in this case had special rims. Before that, however, he showed another discovery: a Tesla Model Y that differs from the previously known versions in several ways.


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The photos published by The Kilowatts are of poor quality because they were only taken with the dashcam function of his Tesla – so he probably did not expect a special encounter himself that day. But according to his description, the Model Y near Fremont apparently had a higher landing gear, which the pictures roughly confirm. It is also said to have been equipped with special wheels.

Of course, it could simply be a series Tesla that was privately converted into an off-road vehicle – another YouTuber, for example, had his Model Y upgraded for off-road use, including a lift.

Hacker is a firm believer in adjustable suspension

But because the Model Y was now seen close to the Fremont plant and apparently didn’t even have license plates installed, it is quite conceivable that Tesla was testing a new variant or option for its crossover electric car here. The hacker @greentheonly, who often discovers new Tesla functions in software and is usually more cautious about introducing them, was sure about an adjustable suspension for the Model Y: “It will definitely come,” he wrote in a reaction on the pictures of The Kilowatts.


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