Is Tiktok planning its own music app?

Tiktok has secured the trademark rights to “Tiktok Music” in the US and Australia. Behind it could be its own music service.

Patent filings suggest Tiktok could launch its own music streaming app in the near future. In May, Tiktok parent company Bytedance filed a trademark application for “Tiktok Music” with the US Patent and Trademark Office. A corresponding trademark application was also filed in Australia in November 2021.

Tiktok is planning different features

According to the description accompanying the application, “Tiktok Music” is a service that allows users to buy, download, play and share music. The transmission of audio and video streams should also be possible. Other features include creating, sharing and recommending playlists and music commenting.

Is Resso behind Tiktok Music?

Bytedance has been gaining experience with music streaming for two years. In 2020, the company will launch music streaming app Resso in India, Brazil and Indonesia. It already has some of the features listed in the Tiktok Music trademark application. Bytedance uses Tiktok in the three countries to recruit new customers for Resso. In November 2021, the music streaming app already had 40 million monthly users. It remains to be seen whether Bytedance Resso will also launch in the US and Australia under the name “Tiktok Music”, or whether the company is planning a second service.

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