Isa Hoes talks about a turbulent love life after Antonie’s death

After Antonie’s death, Isa was convinced that she would not be left alone for long, but now we are ten years later and she is still single. “Of course I dated in recent years. Just because it happened to me,” she says in the new one JAN.

The first man she started dating didn’t actually like women but was so upset by Isa that he doubted anyway. The two had a great time and there was some kissing and messing around, but it didn’t go further than that. He couldn’t ‘do it’.

Fabulous morning

Then Isa got involved with a married man “who was just leaving his wife.” At least, that’s what Isa thought.

Where she first said in an interview that she only kissed him, she now reveals that it went further than that. “In addition to my brain getting tickled again, we had great app sex and one crazy lovemaking that I will never forget.” Isa said he really needed it. “I really gave myself completely, enjoyed my body so much and felt enormously liberated afterwards.”

The man in question went back to his wife not long after their one-time affair. Isa also advised him: “You don’t just throw away a long relationship. And for us this was enough. But I am still grateful to him for that fantastic morning.”


She was less lucky with another man. One day he spoke to her on the street and after much deliberation she met him. Isa wanted to end it after a few dates, but he didn’t want to hear about it. “It didn’t go out, at least I wanted to, but he didn’t give up.”

He got angry and kept calling and stalking her all the while. At one point he even threw presents through the letterbox.

In the end, she told him to seek help. “Because it wasn’t me, he had one, and not one of those little ones either!”

Isa Hoes is guest editor of this edition JAN. It is extensively devoted to the death of Antonie Kamerling. JAN is in the shop from Thursday.


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