Ischgl becomes a political issue in Sweden: “Should have tested earlier”

Tegnell said in the interview that they were still open at the time Northern Italy concentrated as a risk area. According to the article, the first tests on returning Ischgl tourists were conducted by a doctor in the city Skovde on your own.

“At first we only did a few tests, but they turned out to be positive. That was the lesson for us that you couldn’t rely on official statements. to protect tourism, if only that is the background, “said the doctor in question to” Expressen “.

The state did not begin until March 9th Health authority Ski vacation returnees Tyrol to test. That was advised on March 11th Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Stockholm from traveling all over Austria from. “With today’s level of knowledge, we would have those who Austria came, tested “, says Tegnell, and restricted:” We can never go here and say that everyone who comes home has to be tested. “For the rest, he does not believe that the infection chain in Europe will ever be fully clarified.


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