Israel: 20 percent of citizens already vaccinated

After a dramatic corona wave, the Mediterranean country is running an unprecedented vaccination campaign – all vaccinated by the end of March.

Three weeks after the start of the vaccination campaign in Israel, 20 percent of citizens have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Health Minister Juli Edelstein announced on Twitter on Sunday that around 1.8 million Israelis had received the first dose of vaccine. In total, the small Mediterranean country has more than nine million inhabitants.

The second round already

On Sunday, vaccination of the medical staff began with the second dose. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (71) also received his second vaccination against the corona virus on Saturday evening.


The government wants to vaccinate all residents of the country who are older than 16 years by the end of March.
According to media reports, Israel has signed an agreement with the manufacturer Pfizer to make this possible. In total, Israel should receive ten million doses of the Pfizer Biontech vaccine. Israel will be the first country to leave the corona crisis behind, Netanyahu said on Thursday. It should serve as a model country for the rapid vaccination of an entire state. In return, vaccination data should be made available to the company.

Dramatic infection rates

Israel is currently in the third corona lockdown because the number of infections rose significantly again at the end of the year. The country that presented itself as a role model at the beginning of the pandemic has seen several waves of dramatic infection rates over the course of the year. This also caused fierce political debates, as minorities such as Orthodox Jews, but also the Arab population, were held responsible for the rapid spread. The Ministry of Health announced on Sunday that 5030 new corona cases had been reported within 24 hours. On the Jewish day of rest, the Sabat, the corona numbers are usually significantly lower than on other days of the week because there is less testing.


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