Israel goes into the second lockdown

Schools and kindergartens are said to be closed. Except in exceptional cases, people are only allowed up to 500 meters from their homes. Hotels, restaurants and shopping centers as well as leisure facilities should also remain closed according to media reports. Grocery shopping and visits to the doctor are still allowed. Authorities and private companies should work with restrictions. In addition, assembly restrictions apply: Up to 20 people can assemble outdoors and up to ten people indoors.

The strictly religious Housing Minister and former Health Minister Jakov Litzman of the United Torah Judaism party announced his resignation in protest at the measures. Litzman is an important coalition partner of Netanyahu.
The number of new infections in Israel has risen dramatically recently. Record values ​​were recorded on four days in a row in the past week. The number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic has now exceeded 150,000, and 1,108 people have died after being infected.

There was strong resistance to new corona restrictions for economic reasons. Because the Corona crisis has already hit the country’s economy badly. The summer unemployment rate was more than 20 percent.


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