Israel wants to organize Champions League and European Football Championship

Israel has offered UEFA to host games in the Europa League, Champions League and next summer’s European Championship. The proposal comes because the country is at the forefront of vaccination.

“Oren Hasson, the president of the association, has offered UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin the possibility to organize matches of the three competitions in Israel, if the contamination level in May and June does not allow for matches with spectators elsewhere in Europe. . ” The Israeli Federation (ISR) reports this in a statement about which reports. UEFA responded by stating that they will review and consider the proposal.

46 percent vaccinated

In Israel, 46 percent of the 9 million inhabitants have currently had at least one vaccine. This puts the country in the lead worldwide. The government hopes to complete all vaccinations within two months.

Israel itself has not qualified for the European Championship next summer.

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