It becomes possible to get the claim-free years from your (ex) partner

For every year that you do not claim any damage, you will receive a discount on your premium. The more claim-free years, the lower your premium. And because your car insurance is per vehicle, it is in the name of one person, even if his or her partner regularly drives it.

That saves hassle, but it is annoying if you split up, because someone dies or because the relational cake is gone. If the car insurance was in the name of your ex-partner, this also applies to the claim-free years.

Start from scratch again

If you then want to take out car insurance yourself, it will be considerably more expensive. “In such a case, the remaining partner would have to start again at zero, resulting in a significant increase in premiums,” said Richard Weurding, director of the Dutch Association of Insurers.

That will change from January 1. If your partner dies, you can report to the insurer with the request to transfer the claim-free years to you. The condition is that you live at the same address and have a driving license.

Fair sharing in divorce

In the event of a divorce, it depends on how well you can still get through a door. The person who has the insurance in his name determines how the claim-free years are divided. He or she must submit a so-called waiver to the insurer before you can state your share of the accrued claim-free years when applying for your own insurance.

Even more changes, because the claim-free years that you have built up while driving a lease car can also be used. You must submit a statement from the lease company for this. The claim-free years that you have accrued abroad also count towards Dutch insurance from 1 January.

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