It can be even higher: recommended price of petrol rises above 2.10 euros

The average recommended retail price for a liter of E10 (Euro95) rose by 0.2 cents to 2.101 euros today, consumer collective UnitedConsumers reports that fuel prices are tracking.

UnitedConsumers arrives at that price by checking the recommended prices of five major oil companies on a daily basis. The suggested retail price of LPG also went up. A liter now costs 1,131 euros. The suggested retail price for a liter of diesel remained unchanged at 1,760 euros.

The price of oil has risen sharply recently. The recovery of the global economy after the corona crisis increased demand for fossil fuels, which led to higher prices.

The suggested retail price of the oil companies is asked almost exclusively at gas stations along the highway. In other places, petrol is often offered cheaper because gas station operators pay less for renting the land there. That can save up to 20 cents per liter of petrol.

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