It couldn’t be more stupid: VW Golf 6 R crashes in drag race

It couldn’t be more embarrassing: there’s a on social media Video surfacedon which can be seen like a VW Golf 6 R crashes in a shameful waybecause the driver confuses forward and reverse gear!

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In the said video is the Start of an illegal street race to see, presumably in Spain. A blue VW Golf 6 R and an orange BMW 1 Series Coupe E82 stand side by side. On the left and right are onlookers who watch the dangerous spectacle up close. The start of the race is just around the corner when it can be seen that the reversing light on the Golf is coming on – not a good sign. The driver turns up the two-liter, four-cylinder turbo and thanks to the anti-lag even flames break out of the exhaust. A fraction of a second later, a young man gives the starting signal and it happens as it had to: while the BMW gets away safely, it shoots Golf backwards and slams unchecked into a red Seat Ibizawho is waiting behind the golf, presumably as a participant in the next dragrace.
Golf gti vs bmw 135i coupe CRASH screenshot

A split second before the start, the Golf R is still spewing flames, and shortly afterwards it crashes into a Seat Ibiza.

An embarrassing moment, the starter claps his hands over his head, a murmur goes through the crowd and what does the golf driver do? Instead of standing by his mistake, he simply disappears from the picture while the Ibiza driver gets out, visibly shocked. It is not possible to tell whether the golf has just stopped a few meters away. One thing is certain Damage to Ibiza is considerable – the entire front is dented and obviously the radiator has also been damaged. It is undisputed that human error led to the accident – after all, the driver confused forward and reverse for inexplicable reasons. It would be interesting to know whether this is the case Standard 270 hp Golf 6 R with a manual switch or a DSG model acts. If the Golf was hand-torn, the most logical explanation would be that the driver, in his excitement before starting, pushed the gearshift knob down unnoticed and then moved it to the front left and engaged reverse gear instead of first. Accidentally swapping the gear steps in the DSG transmission would be even more difficult to understand. Either way: This accident was just stupid and hopefully will teach the driver a lesson. Fortunately, nobody was injured in this crash and, as is so often the case, the following applies here too: Please do not imitate it!

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