It doesn’t always have to be Windows

Not all Windows users use the Microsoft OS out of conviction or because they have fun with it. For many, it just seems too difficult to switch. We’ll show you how to escape the Windows yoke.

Windows 7 and 10 run much more stable than the crash-plagued Windows 95 and – even if you can argue about taste – they look much better than XP. So why should you say goodbye to Windows? Finally, Redmond builds a solid operating system – you can tell that the current Windows has decades of experience. But there are also critical voices: Some people don’t like the direction in which Redmond marched with Windows 8 – away from the PC and towards the smartphone, they say. Others, on the other hand, are wondering how Microsoft is still justifying three-digit euro prices in times of 1.99 euro apps. Admittedly, this comparison is flawed, but Windows is definitely not cheap. Microsoft gave away Windows 10. But now it costs a lot of money again. In our gallery you will find free programs that are either alternatives to Windows – or that lead you off the beaten path in another way.

For some, switching to Linux or Mac may be too radical. In this case, you can just give Windows a new coat of paint à la Linux or Mac. Or you only dare to make a partial switchover – that is to say: You leave the option open to return to Windows at any time. This can be done, for example, with virtual second PCs or by setting up the new operating system alongside the old Windows and being able to choose it every time the PC is started. The programs from our gallery will help you with this.

There is one more argument against Windows: security. The majority of virus writers have targeted Windows, or rather the programs that run under Windows. This is how they potentially pick off most of the victims. If a security scandal hits the Windows world again, Linux users can only smile tiredly.

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