It is better not to mention these qualities during a job interview

During a job interview you know for sure that a number of questions will come. Likewise, the demand for a bad quality. What should you especially not say?

Employers would like to know whether you can reflect critically on yourself and improve yourself. Really: having bad qualities and qualities is not bad at all. You cannot be perfect. It is more important that you realize that you have these qualities and that you are doing something with them.

There are a number of things you should not mention. Often these are things that almost everyone says or are they too specific.

1. Don’t name a specific skill

It is better not to name a specific skill (like Photoshop, we’re just saying something) as a bad trait. This is often not what they mean by the question and these are things you can basically learn to do well. It is not really a weak spot that you have to deal with in the workplace.

2. Don’t name a specific character trait

It’s important to be honest, but be careful about listing specific character traits. Are you applying for a job in sales? Then it is not a good move to mention that you are shy, because that does not really match what the job requires of you. You want them to hire you. Make it less broad and say, for example, that you find it difficult to open yourself up.

3. Not a joke during the job interview

It makes sense that you will find this a tricky question and so your instinct may tell you that now is a good time to be joking. You just don’t know how people will react. Go for a safe answer and therefore do not make a joke. In short: know how to convey your bad quality.

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Laughter is healthy, but you should avoid silly jokes during a job interview. Photo: Colourbox

4. Don’t say you are a perfectionist

Many people say that they are a perfectionist during their job interview. It may of course be true in your case, but it is still a cliché that not many employers are waiting for. Moreover, in many cases this is also a good quality that you can use.

5. Don’t use workaholic as an answer

Employers also often hear workaholic as a bad characteristic. That is why they will probably ask what exactly you mean by this and whether you have an example. Moreover, employers appreciate it when you have a good work-life balance.

6. Say you don’t have bad qualities

Avoid this at all times: saying you don’t have a bad quality. Everyone has things that can improve, including you. Employers like it when you can look at yourself critically and honestly.

7. Do not study your answers for the interview

Of course you should prepare for the interview, but don’t try to study your answers. For example, it seems as if you are not sincere and employers still do not know exactly what they are getting into you.

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It is better not to mention these qualities during a job interview


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