It is no longer possible to conceal student debt at De Hypotheker

Last month it was already announced that it will be possible for mortgage lenders to collect data about student debt directly from DUO. It is important, however, that the customer must give permission for this himself.

But the latter is becoming a requirement at De Hypotheker. The mortgage advisor works with a special app with which customers can provide the necessary data. In order to state the amount of the student loan, customers have to agree that the app collects the data from DUO, and you can no longer ignore it.


Mortgage advisers have been obliged for years to include student debt in their mortgage advice and customers must also be honest about this. But that often doesn’t happen. The amount of your student debt affects how much you can borrow from the bank. The higher the debt, the lower the maximum mortgage.

Unlike other loans and credits, the student debt is not registered with the BKR. Mortgage lenders could therefore ask about the debt, but not check whether what applicants reported to them was correct.

“We are very pleased that we can now include student debt as standard in all mortgage applications. There are signs that potential buyers are increasingly concealing student debt in order to be able to borrow more for the purchase of a home,” writes De Hypotheker.


And that is undesirable, because it can cause the monthly costs of home buyers to become too high. The idea is that the money you lose on paying off your loan cannot be used to pay your mortgage.

Withholding student debt can also get a homebuyer into trouble in another way. If you have bought a house with the National Mortgage Guarantee and you unexpectedly have to make use of it, your right to it will lapse if you have concealed your student debt.

Banks not that far yet

The banks are not yet as far as De Hypotheker. Rabobank and ING announced that they would not oblige customers to share DUO data with the bank. ABN Amro is still considering whether the policy will be adjusted.

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