It is so tight on the labor market: 126 vacancies per 100 unemployed

This is evident from figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) for the third quarter. It is the second quarter in a row that there are more vacancies than the unemployed and the ratio is becoming more and more skewed.

More and more vacancies

Cause? According to statisticians, this is mainly due to the continued growth in the number of vacancies.

Relatively speaking, the demand for staff is greatest in the hospitality industry. At the end of September, 83 vacancies per 1000 employees had been posted in this sector.

Record number of vacancies filled

The trade, business services and healthcare sectors were most in search of personnel. These sectors together account for half of all unfilled vacancies.

The number of vacancies that were filled or that were canceled also reached the highest level ever observed by Statistics Netherlands, namely 330,000. That is 38,000 more than in the second quarter. Despite this, it became even more difficult to find staff, given the rapid growth in the number of vacancies.

Unemployment is falling

Unemployment has been falling for a year now. In the third quarter, 294,000 people were looking for work and immediately available to work, or 3.1 percent of the workforce.

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