Itagaki Games: Creators of Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden founds new studio

Tomonobu Itagaki is a melodious name in the video game industry. After all, the man created Dead or Alive and was responsible for the modern games of the Ninja Gaiden series. However, he has had less success in recent years. Very few critics and fans were satisfied with his last game, Devil’s Third (Wii U). In 2017 he resigned from a responsible position at Valhalla Games and actually wanted to distance himself from the development. From then on it was his job to look for talented developers and to support them.

Now he probably wants to go back to the trade. He announced the creation of Itagaki Games on his official Facebook page. He originally revealed this to Bloomberg in an interview around Xbox’s 20th birthday. But according to Itagaki, this part has been deleted because of the character limitations. Now. Then on Facebook. In the original interview, Bloomberg asks after Itagaki’s revelation whether he had anything in store for Xbox fans. “You can bet on that. Otherwise I wouldn’t have accepted an interview for an Xbox article, ”Itagaki said. The full script of the interview can be found at Gematsu.

Can Itagaki still have it and make Devil’s Third forget?

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