Italian coach Mancini wants end of Serie A.

If it is up to Italian national coach Roberto Mancini, the football season in Serie A will not be resumed. “It seems to me to be quite chaos otherwise,” said Mancini on the pay channel Roma TV. “As a national coach, I hope they now end the season, so that we can start again in peace.”

The football league has also been standing still since early March in Italy, severely affected by the corona virus. After a three-month hiatus, the clubs intend to resume the season in June, while the Italian Football Association has declared a run out until August 20 to be acceptable. For example, the next vintage can be started again in September.

A bad idea, Mancini thinks. “The matches will then follow each other too quickly. I do not know if the players are still in good condition at the end of the next season,” said the national coach, who is already thinking about the European Championship of 2021.

In Italy, there are still twelve rounds to be completed. It may be decided on Thursday whether this will happen.


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