Italian Prime Minister Conte submitted his resignation on Tuesday

Conte held talks in vain on Monday in the hope of finding emergency helpers who can support the government coalition in a vote on the government’s judicial policy starting on Wednesday. In a vote of confidence in the Senate a week ago, Conte was able to save his government with just 156 votes. The absolute majority of votes is 161 votes.

The splinter party Italia Viva, which left the government alliance two weeks ago, reiterated its veto against the reform plans of Justice Minister Alfonso Bonafede of the Five Star Movement. The party criticized that Bonafede had not convened a round of negotiations with the allied coalition forces before drafting his reform plans. Without Italia Viva’s votes, Conte will not have a majority in the Senate.

“Conte should have resigned long ago. The vaccination campaign has stalled, two million jobs are at risk and Italy depends on the whims of the ruling parties. That is disrespectful and depressing,” commented Lega boss Matteo Salvini. The political turbulence is having a negative impact on the Milan stock exchange. This closed with a decline of 1.6 percent.


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